My Thoughts on ‘Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany’ by Norman Ohler

(Ok… so I know the subject of this book and its review doesn’t exactly inspire Christmas cheer. I actually read this book months ago, but for some reason I decided that now would be a cracking time to share my thoughts on this dark – yet incredibly fascinating – subject)!

Attempting to understand the mindset of one of history’s most despised and infamous villains, must be an extremely daunting task!


‘Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany’ by Norman Ohler

For decades Nazi Germany and its dictator Adolf Hitler, have mystified historians, novelists and actors alike. How could a man like Hitler obtain such a vast and loyal following? How was it possible that this man, (who was so full of hatred and disturbing fantasies), could enchant an entire nation into inflicting such terrible slaughter? Why did Hitler’s armies – which were once conquering nations in record-breaking time – suddenly loose the upper hand and admit a crushing defeat?

Well, how would you react if Norman Ohler was to answer all of those mystifying questions with one very simple answer: drugs!

‘Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany’, will completely revolutionise the way people perceive Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Within this book, Ohler transports his readers deep into the dark, oppressive and hypocritical world of Nazi Germany. Readers will encounter ‘High Hitler’, ‘Morphine’ Göring, Hitler’s quack physician, several high-ranking members of the Nazi party, various German military men and ordinary German citizens. These fanatical individuals, combined with the Nazis’ extreme ideology, resulted in prolific drug use infiltrating every level of German society. Not only that, but Ohler brilliantly demonstrates how this lethal cocktail of toxins and fantasies, played a significant role in the final outcome of the Second World War.


Author: Norman Ohler

Ohler follows every momentous event experienced by Nazi Germany during the conflict, including Germany’s depression, the invasion of France, the Battle of Britain, Operation Barbarossa, Operation Reinhard and finally, the fall of Berlin. By taking his audience through the development of the war, Ohler was able to show how drugs greatly impacted upon Nazi Germany’s fate. Readers gain a clearer insight into why the German army initially overwhelmed their enemies, by relying of vast quantities of Pervitin. This form of crystal meth allowed thousands of soldiers to resist sleep for several days and nights. No wonder the German armies were able to conquer France in such a short space of time! What’s more, ‘Blitzed’ later explains how this same powerful drug, was used by the German military to help them endure moments of desperation and retreat.

Yet why was the German forces subject to defeat by 1945? If Pervitin was allowing them to achieve impressive military victories, then why did they eventually fail? Well, Ohler aims to answer that question too, by arguing that Nazi Germany was ruled by an unstable, drug-fuelled dictator: Adolf Hitler.

It is quite frightening to think that the lives of many young soldiers, were at the mercy of a drug addict. By unveiling fascinating new documents and medical records, Ohler is able to outline the mix of damaging substances which Hitler injected into his body on a daily basis. The bizarre relationship between Hitler and his personal physician/drug dealer Theo Morell, is also examined in great detail throughout this book. Readers are compelled to watch the drama unfold, as a fanatical dictator with absolute authority, self-destructs at the hands of his doctor’s precious ‘medicines’. It’s like something out of a nightmare! The fall of Hitler and Nazi Germany was therefore not solely caused by the triumphs of the Allied forces, but also by the Nazis’ unrealistic desire to experience the ‘wonder drug’.

The German Nazi Party prided itself on being a clean poison-free race, yet its own leader failed to function without his daily intake of vitamins, cocaine and Eukodal. His close associate as none other than his personal physician/ drug dealer, Theo Morell. It is through Morell’s records that Ohler was able to obtain this intriguing and secretive glimpse into the Hitler’s world. Due to Hitler’s dependancy on drugs, as well as his absolute authority over the German war effort, ultimately caused the Nazi dream to collapse. This hypocritical state of affairs would obviously never work, and so the Third Reich practically self-destructed.

‘Blitzed’ explains how the regular intake of Pervitin amongst the German army, allowed them to fight continuously without rest for several days and nights. This is a real game-changer, as it brings opens people’s eyes to the real reason behind Germany’s early success. Pervitin is used to explain how the German invasion of France was achieved so quickly, much to the surprise of her enemies! Forceful German armies fighting without respite, is certainly a fearful foe! Later on, Olher unveils how the German army depended on he same drug to help them endure times of desperation and retreat. It is quite shocking how much of these damaging chemicals were consumed throughout the Second World War. There is something quite pitiful in the fact that, millions of young German soldiers demanded vast quantities of these miracle pills, purely to fight their fears and became the ideal German warrior.

Perhaps even more fascinating for me, was Ohler’s research into Hitler’s drug addiction. For a man who praised the Germans as a poison-free race, and who eagerly annihilated anyone who failed to conform to that image, Hitler was an extreme hypocrite! The cocktail of drugs which he injected on a regular basis, is quite frankly astounding! His complex and hectic medical records, left by his trusted doctor/dealer Theo Morell, is a fascinating insight into the life and mind of this renowned dictator.

Norman Ohler reveals in detail for the first time, the true extent of how much these powerful drugs infiltrated Nazi Germany. The knowledge that one man and many of his powerful associates, were dictating the German war effort whilst delirious from numerous substances, is like reading a nightmare! It is almost laughable when Ohler introduces an acclaimed professor or doctor to his readers, and outlines their mission to discover the wonder-drug which will cure all of Germany’s failings.

By the end of this book, readers will view Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler in a whole new light. Without a shadow of a doubt, this book marks a turning point in the way future historians will perceive this period in history. If people fail to grasp the importance of drug use within the Third Reich, then they will ultimately fail to grasp the motivations behind the German war effort. ‘Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany’, proves once and for all that the Nazis’ reliance upon toxic substances should not be ignored. It is a vital element to the story of the Second World War. It pushes us one step closer into understanding the motivations behind Hitler’s extreme ideology. It obtains a clearer insight into the operation and failings of the German military machine. Furthermore, Norman Ohler has perfectly highlighted how the magic of drugs, combined with the Nazis’ mission, caused Hitler’s Third Reich to self-destruct.

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